Mar 29, 2018

Andrew Broom wins T is for Texas Roller Riot

Congratulations to Andrew Broom for taking 1st place at the 

T is for Texas Roller Riot that went down in Austin.

The inline and quad communities came together for an incredible

event organized by our good friends Heath Burley, Mick Casals 

and Rob Zbranek. From high jump and limbo contests to best 

trick jams and skate giveaways, this event had something for 

everyone. We can't wait until next years event.

Mar 28, 2018

Thomas Scofield in "Over The Line" documentary.

 Thomas Scofield and Weightless Films just released their

mini-documentary called "Over The Line", which highlights

Tom's emotions and experiences in rollerblading.

The production values in this video are incredible. The filming

and editing are very well crafted and they create a nice ambiance

with the soundtrack as well. 

Great job to Scowie and the good guys over at Weightless Films.

This came out really, really clean looking!

Mar 27, 2018

Bobi Spassov in Pier Love 2

 Bobi Spassov and his homies reunited for round 2 of the infamous

"Pier Love" video. The boys really outdid themselves with this one!

This is definitely one you will be playing back several times.

Featuring Yair Viner, Bobi Spassov, Eugen Enin, Sven Ischen, Jeroen

Wullems, Jo Zenk, Sonya Kit, Daniel Laufs and Egor Loginov.

Bobi Spassov in XCCV B7 Memories

 Bobi Spassov filmed and edited this incredible piece of him and his

XCCV homies. This is such a feel good video, I can't stop watching it!

 Featuring Eve Jovino (SUPER STYLISH!) Bar Erez, Yair Viner, Daniel

Deitch, Shelly Burla, Theodore Vojik and of course Bobi Spassov.

Feb 26, 2018

Luke Naylor wheel promo

 Luke Naylor kicked off his promotion to the Sic Urethane pro

team with a bang! Luke has been absolutely destroying

everything put in front of him for a very long time. I still

remember the first time seeing him skate years ago and realizing

he is the future of blading.

His powerful skating has been forged in the harsh streets of

Michigan among one of the strongest scenes in rollerblading.

This is only the beginning for Luke, we know he is on to great

things. Congratulations, Luke! You have earned it, brother.

Pick up a set of Luke's new pro wheel available now!

Edit by Kevin Lebeau

Picture by Brian Weis

Kevin Little 17/18 section

 Sic Urethane owner Kevin Little has been on and off the injured list

for quite some time but was able to suck up the pain long enough

to put together this "little" video...hahaaaa get it? I'll see myself


Jan 12, 2018

Bobi Spassov and GrimeyGIB video

 Bobi Spassov made a trip up to ZeroOneSix skatepark in Eskilstuna

Sweden and rolled with the Hedonskate GIB crew and came

through with this incredible video.

Bobi's clips were especially saucy as witnessed in his mind

boggling ender. 

Jan 7, 2018

Cameron Talbott backyard session

 Cameron Talbott and Sean Keane had themselves an awesome

session on Cam's backyard bowl. Watch the boys put in some

serious work on this DIY gem.

Filmed and edited by the homie Erick Rodriguez.

Philip Moore "Just Blade" One Magazine VOD section

 Our good friends at One Blade Magazine just released 

Philip Moore's section from their most recent VOD "Just Blade".

Phil comes through with his usual mind boggling negative tricks

and hard to comprehend technical tricks.

Check it out and be sure to copp the full VOD, follow the link below!

Jon Fromm "Moments in Time" section by Brandon Andersen

 Brandon Andersen recently released Jon Fromm's section from

his most recent video "Moments in Time". Fromm had split his

section in between filming in Atlanta and his new home, San

Diego, CA so you get a wide range of scenery as well as some

incredible spots.

You get your usual helping of technical tricks that you would

expect from Jon, but also some pretty big hammers and gaps as well.

If you haven't checked out "Moments in Time" yet, do yourself a

favor & download it. With a wide range of skaters like Adam

Bazydlo, Ian Freunscht, Evert Lubja and Josh Appleton, you can

do no wrong getting it!