Jun 3, 2014

Where are you Fromm? Episode 1. Australia

Jon Fromm has kicked off his world tour and his first stop is the land down under! He is taking in the sights and sounds of Australia and rolling with some of Sydney and Melbourne's best skaters. Check out the first edit in the "Where are you Fromm?" series.

Jun 2, 2014

GROUND CONTROL AUSTIN from Ground Control on Vimeo.

Ground Control Austin edit

Is it too early to say this is the edit of the year? I don't think so! Our good friend Anthony Medina shot and edited this incredible video of the Ground Control team killing the streets of Austin, Texas. Featuring Sic Urethane riders Josh Glowicki and Fredrick Andersson plus many other amazing guys. If I was a movie critic I would say "This is the feel good video of the year, two thumbs up!"

Good job, Ant!!

Also, check out the write up of the Austin tour on the Wheel Scene site.


Jun 1, 2014

Josh Glowicki Children of the Future Razors video section

Check out Josh Glowicki's incredible section from the Razors team video "Children of the Future".

Josh is constantly working on new content and should have a new section up within the next month.

Be sure and stay up to date and check out the Razors site for all their latest news and videos.


May 29, 2014

Jon Fromm Children of the Future section

Jon Fromm's section from the Razors team video "Children of the Future" was just put online for your viewing pleasure. Fromm had one of the best sections in the whole video, do yourself a favor and check it out.

Also check out the Razors website and keep up to date on all the new skates and news from one of the best teams in the business.


May 28, 2014

FEEL GOOD FEEL // JON FROMM Part 7 of 11 from Central Florida Rolling (CFRtv) on Vimeo.

Feel that Good Feel with Jon Fromm

We are incredibly proud to have Jon Fromm on the

Sic Urethane team.

Peep his amazing section from Feel Good Feel
which you can still get copies of from Central Florida Rolling

Buy your copy now!
Email: floridarolling@yahoo.com

Jon Fromm makio

Photo by ???

Kevin Little 2013-2014 Sic Urethane edit from SicUrethane on Vimeo.

Kevin Little Sic Urethane 2014 edit

Sic Urethane is a skater owned and run company.

The owner Kevin Little doesn't just sell the wheels,

he also tests them, almost daily!

Check out his recent edit from 2013-2014.

Kevin Little fishbrain to gap

Photo by Austin Whitten

Fritz Peitzner is Razors new AM

In addition to Fritz Peitzner receiving his first pro wheel from us, he has also moved up the ranks at Razors skates.

Fritz was bumped up to their AM team and put out this incredible edit from his recent stay down in Peru.

Congratulations, Fritz! This is your year. We look forward to the day when we can roll your pro skate ,not just your pro wheel!

Fritz Peitzner switch fish

Photo by Jaysin Williams

The Ditch featuring Fred Andersson and Josh Glowicki

Fred Andersson is in Texas now skating with Glowicki, Nils Jansons and the Dallas crew. Check out the video of them ripping up one of the best ditch spots in the world

If you have been there you know what I mean.

Donate and Skate - 2014 from Kristian Payne on Vimeo.

Donate and Skate 2014 edit by Kristian Payne

Sic Urethane owner Kevin Little recently hosted the Donate and Skate competition in Lewisville Texas.

The entry fee for the contest is a used pair of skates, skate parts or protective gear.

With the help of many volunteers they were able to give out over seventy pairs of skates that day!

Congratulations to our team riders Josh Glowicki for taking first place plus best trick and also Fritz Peitzner for placing third place.

Josh Glowicki flatspin 540

Photo by Cody Lester

Fritz Peitzner disaster alley oop fishbrain

Photo by Cody Lester

Jan 5, 2014

Logan Harlan's Sic Urethane edit

Our boy Logan Harlan aka "Dench" never disappoints!

If you have not seen this do yourself a favor and check it out.

Logan has been representing for us for years and we are proud to

support him.