Dec 29, 2017

Cameron Talbott European adventures

Cameron Talbott went to Winterclash in Eindhoven Holland on

February 17th and 18th. After his amazing experience at

Winterclash, Cameron stayed and extra week to shoot with Cavin

Brinkman. Cavin and Cameron spent two days skating


and five days in Paris. The old architecture of Amsterdam and

Paris was a perfect way for Cameron’s creative skating to shine. 

Dec 28, 2017

Bobi Spassov remix edit

 2017 has definitely been Bobi Spassov's year. He was recently

nominated for Breakout Blader of the Year by both One Mag &

Be-Mag and pretty much anyone who has been watching blading


Bobi has been putting out consistent content for him as well as

his friends, which you can see in their incredible XCCV videos.

Here is a remix of some of Bobi's best from this year. 

Nov 24, 2017

Sic Urethane Black Friday Sale!


To kick off Black Friday we have discounted all of our items up to 30% off!

You can pick up our Philip Moore pro wheels for only $24, our new fitted caps & beanies for only $15 and our new Brackets tee for only $15 as well! Take advantage of this great deal while you can!

This will run today until Cyber Monday! Get to shopping!

Jul 26, 2017

Bobi Spassov XCCV 2017 section

 Bobi Spassov AKA Steeze Master Supreme just released his newest park video courtesy of XCCV.

I will let Bobi's immaculate stylings do the talking on this one.

<3 Bobi!

New Luke Naylor profile

 Luke Naylor just dropped his newest street section and it is a banger!

Luke is having quite the productive year and he is just getting started.

Peep his newest section and get ready for Luke's best.

Luke Naylor wins 2017 Windy City Riot!!

 Luke Naylor is something else.

He is on a tear right now on the street comp scene.

After taking 2nd place at the Delta City Open, Luke came back with a vengeance and took home the win at the Windy City Riot!

Young Skywalker skated with his typical mad man style and surgical precision and made the most difficult tricks look like a walk in the park.

Congratulations, Luke! You are killing it, brother!

Luke Naylor gets 2nd place at Delta City Open.

 Congratulations to our boy Luke Naylor on taking 2nd place at the 2017 Delta City Open!

Luke went up against some serious competition, skating against Detroit and the east coast's best skaters.

Luke skated with some power and was able to take 2nd place behind his homies Brian Weis in 1st and Don Bambrick in 3rd.

Great job, Luke! 

Philip Moore Pizza Pro Wheel Promo

Philip Moore came to Amsterdam hungry, not just for cheese pizza but for clips. And lots of them. Phil and Cavin Brinkman put in serious work and came out with this gem of a promo for Philip's newest pro wheel. Phil as always comes through with the mind boggling tricks, dirty South style and upbeat attitude.

We love you, Phil! Keep up the great work. 

Support Phil and pick up a set of his newest wheel here at our online shop.

Jun 20, 2017

Philip Moore wheel out now!

We are incredibly excited to announce the release of the Philip Moore pro wheel.

Philip has been killing it for years with some of the most relaxed style and mind boggling technicality. His wheel graphic fits his personality perfectly, we pay tribute to Phil's infinite love for pizza and sweet home Alabama. 

With a squared profile on a 58mm wheel and a tough as nails 92a hardness this will be the perfect wheel to keep you rolling good on all terrains.

Congratulations, Philip! We appreciate all your hard work, dedication and passion.

Support Phil today and get his first wheel while you can!

Jan 5, 2017

Welcome to the family, Cameron Talbott!

We are incredibly excited to announce the newest member to

the Sic Urethane pro team, Cameron Talbott!

We have been huge fans of Cam's for years. He always stands

out from the pack with his unique style, positivie attitude and 

powerful skating. Pictures and videos do not do this man justice.

Watching Cam roll is a site to behold. His fluidity and precision 

make him one of the best street skaters in the world today.

We are incredibly fortunate to have Cam be a member of our 

amazing family.

Welcome, Cam! 

Check out Cameron's most recent video he released for his skate 

sponsor, Rollerblade.