Nov 14, 2016

Sic Urethane Andrew Broom pro wheels now available!

Sic Urethane is proud to present Andrew Broom's first pro wheel. 
A 60mm rounded profile wheel with a hardness of 92A makes this one of the best riding, most durable wheels on the market. 
Andrew's wheel features a unique purple urethane with a teal hub and our first two sided graphic. 
This is the first of hopefully many pro products for Mr. Broom, so you don't want to miss getting your hands on his first one now.

Nov 3, 2016

Luke Naylor 2016 FID section

 Luke Naylor and our good friends over at FID put out this incredible Halloween themed edit to support Luke's custom FID tee coming out soon.

Get it Young Skywalker!

Death to all false rippers! 

Adam Bazydlo Sic Urethane wheel promo

 Adam Bazydlo and Brandon Andersen have been working hard on this edit for awhile.

Adam had gotten hurt earlier in the year and put him out of commission for some time, but he is back skating better than ever. Bladezilla comes up with some wild tricks that you wouldn't expect from him but he also throws down some of his trademark hammers as well. You would expect no different from him.

Great job, Adam & Brandon. You guys did an awesome job.

Sep 11, 2016

Jon Fromm One Magazine edit in the works

 Jon Fromm and the good people over at One Magazine are working on some heat for your viewing pleasure.

Here is a little teaser so be on the lookout for the new vid coming soon.

Luke Naylor 2 days in Portland

 Luke Naylor spent just two days in Portland and came out with quite the awesome video. It doesn't surprise us though, Luke is a machine.

If he can do this in 48 hours, just think what he can pull in a few months time.

Phillip Moore wins the KY Battle...again.

 Phillip Moore never ceases to amaze us. Phil has won so many comps recently it is hard to keep track of them all.

Here is P-Mo pulling the win two years in a row at the KY Battle.

Great work, Phil!!! You killed it.

Andrew Broom Colorado Road Trip experience

 Andrew Broom and company recently embarked on the most incredible of trips through the hills of Colorado during the annual C.O.R.T.

Colorado is home to some of the most picturesque skateparks in the world. Broomstick seemed right at home finessing the state's best concrete parks and came out with quite the clips to prove it.

Great job Andrew and Anthony Medina for the awesome work.

Kevin Lapierre in NYC's Boschi Pope comp.

 Kevin Lapierre recently made the trek to the first annual Boschi Pope Skate Off in New York City.

As you can see in the video released by One Mag that Kev had a great time! 

The energy at the BPSO was incredible, it is a testament to the hard work that Boschi has put into the comp. We look forward to the coming NYSS comps and the next event that Mr. Pope organizes.

Glad to have you home, Boschi. Keep up the great work.

Adam Bazydlo One Magazine VOD trailer

 Adam Bazydlo AKA Bladezilla put a pounding on the streets of San Diego filming for his One Magazine VOD profile. Adam is known for his incredible stunts and this trailer looks full of what you would expect coming from the southern gentleman.

If you haven't already bought the VOD do yourself a favor and buy it now!

Support one of the realest dudes in the blade game and show your love.

May 9, 2016

Andrew Broom Wheel Scene BRoll

 Andrew Broom came up with so many incredible tricks filming for 

his Wheel Scene Selects section that he was able to drop a banger 

section and also 9 minutes of awesome leftover BRoll footage.

Check out what Broomski & Anthony Medina put together for your

viewing pleasure.